Conditions of Use

Access to and use of the Royal Australian Mint’s eShop is provided subject to the following terms and conditions. The Royal Australian Mint reserves the right to make changes to these conditions at any time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you’re up to date with their content.

Terms & Conditions (Current at July 2012)


The Royal Australian Mint's Australian Business Number, or ABN, is: 45852104259

Australian Goods & Services Tax

All orders for delivery within Australia are subject to the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). All Australian prices are GST inclusive. All international order deliveries do not incur GST.

The Mint eShop displays both the GST and international price on all product information pages. The GST price is displayed using large text, whereas smaller text is used for the international price and the word ‘international’ is displayed next to the price.

Currency and Conversions

Mint eShop transactions are carried out in Australian dollars (A$) and processed through an international banking system. International orders are charged in Australian dollars at the exchange rate of the day. Your final bill will be determined by the exchange rate applied by your payment services provider at the time the charge is recorded, plus any fees applied by your payment services provider.

Jewellery images

At times jewellery images that appear on this website may be a rendered representation of the actual jewellery. 

Order Notification

After receiving and processing your order the Mint will issue you with an email notification, which will include the date your order was dispatched, your tracking number for your parcel (if purchasing within Australia) and a link to the relevant postal carrier through which to track it through. Tracking numbers are not currently available for orders being sent internationally.

Payment of Order

For payment options, we accept Mastercard, Bankcard, Visa, American Express and PayPal.

Product Prices

Prices of products, services, delivery and other charges displayed on this website are current at the time of issue but may change at any time and are subject to availability.